Team Size

# of users who require accounts


Seat packs required

Seats required for your team size.


Total seats purchased

The overall number of user licenses after you complete your purchase.


Total yearly cost

The annual cost for the amount of licensing needed for your team size.

How many seats do I need and who needs seats?

Seats must be purchased for each individual in your organization that will have a HuBoard Enterprise user account. This includes developers, project managers, designers, and other collaborators.

Which payment methods are accepted?

Invoices may be paid online by credit card, or arranged by bank wire transfer or check.

How are upgrade orders processed?

All upgrade orders you make midyear are prorated to be in step with your original license.

How is HuBoard Enterprise licensed?

HuBoard Enterprise is licensed under a subscription model. Seats are purchased for a one-year period which includes full support and access to all updates and upgrades.

How do I add more seats to my current license?

All upgrades are handled in your favor. We charge only for the difference in price between the number of seats you currently have and the number of seats you want to end up with. The cost of the new seats will be prorated for time remaining in your current license period, so your renewal dates for new seats will always coincide with your existing seats. You can initiate an upgrade order by clicking on the Buy More Seats button, or just contact us for assistance.

Are licenses available for less than 20 seats?

No. Licenses must be purchased in 20 seat packs. We recommend for smaller installations.

We are a large company (1,000+ users). Do you have licensing options for us?

Yes. Contact us to speak to a sales representative about large installations.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes. We offer volume and academic discounts. Contact our sales team for more information.