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(Enterprise) will be the forefront of our future success in bringing GitHub issues to you in a controlled manner.
We believe it.

Enterprise support means more to us than simply adding a GitHub Enterprise connection through our SaSS product. We aim to provide your company with a virtual appliance that meets the ease of use that GitHub Enterprise provides. Your administrators are already trained to install and maintain HuBoard Enterprise, because we've modeled our virtual appliance to work exactly like GitHub Enterprise.

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Lightweight Kanban Board

Fully customizable task boards give your developers instant feedback into the status of tasks thoughout your progress.

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Three state multi-faceted filtering

Clicking a filter once will dim out issues that don’t match, click again and they disappear. Filters can be mixed and matched to help you narrow down exactly what you need to work on.

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HuBoard Flow

HuBoard is built to complement GitHub Flow, by giving you just enough to get out of your way so that you can focus on your code and not your tools.

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Milestone management

Dragging your issues into milestones helps you quickly plan for your next release.

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Powerful Integrations

HuBoard has a powerful webhook system that allows you to integrate with virtually any other tool imaginable.

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Link projects together

Link your GitHub repositories together so you can get an overall picture of everything happening across multiple code bases.

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